Tax Problems and Nose Bleeds

blood-down-the-drain-1427241Jeb Bush has recently denied bare-faced facts on Fox News proving again that basic maths are not exactly his strong suit, he stated the middle class would benefit disproportionately from his awesome new tax plan.  The truth his tax plans would cost the US Government $3.4 Trillion in lost revenue with 53% going to the top 1% of the population.  It seems the average senator for the GOP, when asked what the square root of nine is will reply, ‘the trees are dying because of terrorists, global warming is a myth and why do you hate America?’

So just how insane is all this from a wider context?  Well, entirely.  A depressingly similar situation of politicians treating constituents as entirely stupid is at work in the UK as in the US.  A recent article in the Guardian stated that the average person in the UK thinks that the rich bear the burden of taxation, while the facts state that gross income for the poorest 10% is taxed at 49% and for the highest 10% it sits at 35%.  This is like saying that cocaine dealers are bearing the brunt of nose bleeds throughout the UK, god bless their cotton socks.  The truth is we, the people, are bearing the brunt.  And the poorest 10% are bearing the brunt even more as the quality of cocaine plummets quite literally into the toilet as you enter deprived communities across the UK.   As I write this I have to wipe one solitary tear from my eye and about half a cup of blood from my economically deprived top lip.

Some say the biggest trick the devil ever pulled was getting people to believe he wasn’t real (personally I believe it was lines of cocaine for two quid)  and it seems the best trick right wing politicians are doing is getting people to believe they are good with the economy.  The trouble is they believe it too.  They don’t realise that shifting the burden of tax progressively onto the poorest automatically makes the rich richer and doesn’t make the 1% ‘job creators’  or ‘leaders’ in anything other than a kleptomaniacal plutocracy that is doomed to failure.

We see the world as we are, not as it is.  And it requires a great deal of self awareness to get around that thinking.  A level of self-awareness that Jeb Bush, the Republican Party and, unfortunately, the media consuming public at large – is incapable of having.  Of course the economic disparity continues to gape.  More cheap cocaine and home made alcohol for me I think.


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