Hillary Clinton’s New Presidential Slogan: Dream Smaller!

hillaryclintonnewpresidentialsloganHillary Clinton has announced her new slogan to fight Donald Trump in the presidential election and it’s simple, dream smaller!   A source quoted Hillary as saying, ‘Bernie was very popular and he filled people’s heads with a lot of crazy ideas like free health care and free college.  That’s a lot of hooey, and I don’t mean Donald Duck’s nephew.  Ha ha ha, that’s a joke, you can use that.  But seriously, people need to realise they’re not getting free health care or education, whether they’re paying for it or not. Do we need free health care and education or do we need a hundred new cruise missiles, we can’t pay for both. I mean you tell me, am I right?  We can’t bomb Syria with text books and vaccines, duh.”

Hillary was also quizzed about her record versus Trump’s.  A Fox journalist asked her, “People love Trump because he wins at business so many, you don’t win that much as Trump in business.” Clinton looked a little baffled until she realised it was a question and then responded, ‘I have a very luxurious political record, a tremendous political record. I don’t need to try and copy Trump’s business skills or buzz words to win votes.  What people need to focus on is downsizing their dreams.  It’s simple, just expect less.  We’ve had to downsize education, health care and social security in our efforts to help explode freedom in the Middle East and dismember terrorism here in America.  Donald is a dangerous dreamer, I’m here and I’m real.  I’m Hillary Clinton and I’m keeping it real!’  Asked if she was using the phrase, “keeping it real” in an effort to appeal to black voters she responded, ‘no way, I’m not down with that sizzle.’

A source said that Donald Trump responded immediately by saying, ‘Hillary is not luxurious, she’s not tremendous, she’s not winning, I’m winning. She’s got a powerful voice, I guarantee you that. I heard she went to Ireland and they thought she was a banshee.  That’s a true story, a fantastic story. That’s the most luxurious story I made up today.’

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