Beelzebub and the British Government

mask-1183126Corporate greed and democracy are incompatible, unless you’re Iain Duncan Smith.  For those of you who don’t know Iain Duncan Smith is the British Secretary for Work and Pensions and he harbours delusional fantasies of being John Wayne.  Widely famous for a lack of charisma that would make yogurt blush, he retorted, ‘do not underestimate the determination of a quiet man.’ Cue John Wayne quietly vomiting in his grave.  But that was in 2002, in 2015 IDS is breaking new ground in the immorality stakes.  Rather, he’s breaking new ground because he’s scraped his way through the bottom of the barrel and is now slowly digging his way to hell.   Recently his department was forced to reveal that 2,380 people have died as a result of the changes to social security benefits.  Basically put, over two thousand people who declared themselves ‘unable to work’ because of illness were declared ‘fit to work’ by the British Government and then died within six weeks.  So the government is trying to save money by forcing the nearly dead back to work but ignores any calls to close tax loop holes on corporations.  I think some of the family members of those deceased wouldn’t mind closing some loop holes around Iain Duncan Smith’s neck.

But the bullshit train rattles ever onward,  not only are nearly dead people being forced back to work but the most vulnerable people in society are having the last straws of hope pulled away from them.   The Work and Pensions Select Committee has recently said that forty people have committed suicide in the UK because their welfare (social security) payments had been stopped.  So while huge corporations are given free reign and access to markets the most vulnerable people in society are having their pittance taken from them.  If I was a cartoon my backside would have eaten my brain out through my nostrils by now.

This is the kind of thinking the most powerful people in our global society pride themselves on.  But of course it doesn’t stop there, the batshit-crazy train rattles ever onward.   In a move that only Jack Donaghy from 30 Rock and Beelzebub himself could have come up with, the workers giving people the bad news that their tiny income is gone have been trained in how to deal with suicidal individuals.  So, money is being drained from the UK’s mental health services while those telling you all your money has been taken away are now there to help you through your suicidal period.   This is synergy in action.  Social security and mental health treatment in one fifteen minute conversation.  My guess is Iain has the direct line to Beelzebub.  Now at this stage, my cartoon eyes have popped out of my head, wrapped around each other, exploded and left a blood stain on the wall saying, ‘Too big to fail’.  The sad truth in the 21st Century UK is that the superrich were given billions by corrupt politicians who are now torturing the vulnerable to death to pay for it.  Remember, you’re not crazy, the system is and if you feel suicidal please talk to someone, just not Iain Duncan Smith.

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